Curved glass bread island cabinet

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made in China
Brand Name: bebangso
Packing method:Wooden box

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Item dimension:2200*1200*1450mm

Item weight:90kgs

Item color:brown

Item material:glass/wood/steel

Item brand:Bebangso


Item function:Bread boxes (or “bread bins” as they’re known in Great Britain) were commonplace until the middle part of the 20th Century, when buying commercial bread packed with preservatives gained favor over baking fresh bread at home. (This is why a bag of store-bought hot dog buns seems to never, ever go bad.) With the recent renaissance of artisanal breads, fresh grains and home baking, bread boxes—with their simple science and aesthetic charm— have become an unlikely darling of the movement.


Fun Fact:Aka breadbox,basically a foot-square container with an opening that's not airtight creates a controlled environment somewhere between those extremes. The moisture from the bread raises the humidity in the box, but air circulation keeps it from getting as moist as in a sealed plastic bag.

Virtues of the item:keep their contents at room temperature, prolonging edible storage time;have a lid loose enough to allow airflow, reducing condensation, which helps to prevent the formation of mold;have a lid tight enough to slow the drying process as well as to protect the contents from mice and all other pests, including ants and flies.

Care instructions:Avoid Environmental DamageSunlight, heat and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on your fine wood. Don’t place valuable furniture in front of uncovered windows, vents or fireplaces, as the light and heat can damage and fade the wood.

Tips on choosing the Right:Wooden one goes for the best.Bread boxes are available from different types of wood, for example from pine, bamboo or birch wood.The wood of Swiss stone pine looks extraordinarily beautiful, so that bread boxes made of Swiss stone pine are very popular. Due to the very light color of Swiss pine, the bread boxes fit almost every interior. The bread box can be integrated into the kitchen or dining room relatively unobtrusively.Bamboo is darker than stone pine and looks warmer. Since bamboo is a fast growing plant, bread boxes made from this material can be obtained inexpensively.Birch bread boxes are also in the lower price segment. The wood is light and the bread box is therefore rather inconspicuous.Did you know that wood has an antibacterial effect? That is why wooden spoons are also often made from wood. There is a tannic acid in the wood that prevents germs and bacteria from multiplying. In addition, moisture penetrates into the deeper layers of the wood, so that the microorganisms have no basis for growth.Wooden bread boxes also have disadvantages. Your bread dries out faster in a solid wood bread box. The moisture that comes out of the bread is absorbed by the wood. As a result, the indoor climate in the wooden bread box is too dry.

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